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 You're not alone.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your clutter and confused about how to begin?  I can help you create a plan to jump start the decluttering process and reclaim your space.  Even if you've tried in the past to conquer clutter, this time can be different.  I specialize in maintaining your momentum through those challenging moments when all you want to do is walk away.

Let's get started!

The Mess Mender

My non-judgmental, energetic approach helps jump start your organizing efforts. Then, I help you build new habits to keep you from ending up in the same situation again. I take the overwhelm out of organizing!


Ask yourself these questions to get a preview of what it's like to work with a professional organizer. If you're ready to stop struggling with clutter, I can help.

Upcoming Events

Do you want to spend less time managing the “stuff” in your life and more time doing what you enjoy? Join me for an upcoming presentation. Click here to see where I will be speaking next.


"I receive infusions of hope for the process of realizing my life purpose and absorb bits of her energetic life force that is felt as both spiritual energy and concrete, common sense 'Aha' moments. She has a talent for drawing out the essence of who I am, and turning it around so I can examine it. Her 'out-of-the-box' ability to process thoughts, emotions, and actions creates a connection that will not easily be forgotten..."

— Becky P.

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